Conservation intervention int the site of Toca do Pajau

The site is located in the natioanl park of Serra da Capivera, and belong to theCultural Heritage of Humanity as UNESCO classification. A great concentration of archaeological and prehistorical sites can be found there, especially a rock painting site.
Paintings show animals, men, plants, various artifacts of quotidian life. Sites ar eexposed at open air, and are under pression of destruction from little animals, insects, microorganisms, roots, etc., as well as mineral cristallisation, and human destruction (vandalism).
In 1993 a 1st intervention was don, with good results, but large cracks in the upper panel of teh shelter gave the evidence of emergency for conservation intervention. Then, an important interdisciplinary work is now being done with participation of l'Instituto do Patrimonio Historico e Artistico Nacional (IPHAN), l'Universidade Federal do Piaui (UFPI) and Fundação Museu do Homen Americano (FUMDHAM). A team of specialists (ingeneer, botanist, archaelogist, etc.) il working about the project.

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